Thursday, January 26, 2012

Report: Baker invited to NFL Combine

In quite a surprise, the that Edwin Baker has been invited to the NFL Combine.This comes from Baker's financial adviser.

The initial list for the NFL Combine included four Spartans — Kirk Cousins, Keshawn Martin, B.J. Cunningham and Trenton Robinson — and a second list will come out including underclassmen and seniors who surprised during all-star games. Jerel Worthy is expected to be on the second list, but Baker surely would come as a surprise. The Combine takes place from Feb. 22-28 in Indianapolis.

After setting his goal at 2,000 yards, Baker fell well short with 665 this season while Le'Veon Bell became the No. 1 back. Still, Baker declared for the draft saying he felt he was ready. I still think it's likely Baker doesn't get drafted, but this Combine report comes as a shock. If it's true, maybe he'll surprise everyone in the draft as well.


  1. Anonymous
    Hope it's true. Baker is a guy who could really shine at the combine and improve his draft stock.